Math 105 - Augmented Quantitative Methods

Logs Revision

Matrices Revision

Calculus Revision

Fin Math Revision

Differentiation - The Absolute Basics

Dr P. Ewer; 033-260-5607,  Room F46 Science Block First Floor.


 Lecture 1. Numbers        Lecture 2. Powers        Lecture 3. More Powers        Lecture 4. Straight Lines        Lecture 5. Supply & Demand      Lecture 6. Matrices I

Lecture 7. Matrices II    Lecture 8. Matrix Inversion    Lecture 9. Gauss Reduction I    Lecture 10. Gauss-Jordan Method    Lecture 11. Inequalities I    Lecture 12. Inequalities II

Lecture 13. Linear Programming    Lecture 14. Logs 1.    Lecture 15. Logs 2        Lecture 17. Product & Quotient Rules        Lecture 18. Chain Rule        Lecture 19. Maxima & Minima

Lecture 20. Applications I        Lecture 21. Applications II        Lecture 22. Marginals        Lecture 23. Maxima & Minima, 2 variables        Lecture 24. Integration 1

Lecture 25. Definite Integrals        Lecture 26. End Integration. Fin Math I         Lecture 27.  Fin Math II        Lecture 28. Differentiation Revision        Lecture 29.  Fin Math III 

 Lecture 30.  Fin Math IV       Lecture 31.  Fin Math V     


Tutorial Sheet 1.        Tutorial Sheet 2.        Tutorial Sheet 3.        Tutorial Sheet 4.            Tutorial Sheet 5.        Tutorial Sheet 6.            Tutorial Sheet 7.        Tutorial Sheet 8.

Tutorial Sheet 9.        Tutorial Sheet 10.        Tutorial Sheet 11.        Tutorial Sheet 12.        Tutorial Sheet 13.

Test 1 Short Version


Various Past Tests and Exams.

There is no guarantee that this year's exams and tests will bear any resemblance to the contents of this folder


You are expected to attend lectures regularly. Announcements may be made, from time to time, to give you fresh information about the course, tests or exam. Ignorance of such announcements will not be accepted as an excuse.

    Monday 9:35 - 10:20. Chemistry outside lecture theatre

    Tuesday 10:30 11:15. GEOG L2

    Thursday 12:20 13:00 NAB211


Tutorials are compulsory. You will be in one of the following tutorial groups. Lists of who is in which group will be posted on the notice board in the Commerce basement by Tuesday.

 Group A:

Wednesday 9:35 11:15 C5             Friday 11:25 12:20 B6

 Group B:

Wednesday 9:35 11:15 B6            Friday 12:30 13:15 B6

 Tests and Course Mark

There will be three tests

1. March 6,                  2. April 18                   3. May 16

Venues to be announced.

 In addition, there will be quizzes written at the end of some tutorials. The average mark of the quizzes counts as Test 4. Your Course Mark will be the average of your best three test marks (the worst mark will not be considered). Failure to write a test will result in a zero mark for that test; there will be no make up test for anybody.

 Duly Performed Certificates

Your DP Mark is the average of your Course Mark for MATH105 and your Course Mark for Math 134, i.e.

DP Mark = (Course Mark for Math 105 + Course Mark for Math 134)/2

In order to obtain the DP certificate (i.e., being granted permission to write the final examination), the following requirements should be met:

(i) your DP Mark must be at least 35%;

(ii) you must attend at least 80 % of your lectures and tutorials.

 Exam and Assessment

At the end of the semester, and if granted DP, you will write a 3-hour Math 134/105 examination. (There is no separate Math 105 exam: all Math 105 students write

the Math 134/105 exam only). Your mark from this 3-hour paper will count 67% of your Final Mark, while your DP Mark will count 33%, i.e.,

Final Mark = (DP Mark) 0:33 + (Math 134=105 Exam Mark) 0:67:

You will be credited for this course if your Final Mark is at least 50%.